Storms a brewin’!

when children talk to me

Come little children

I’ll take thee away, into a land

of Enchantment

-Edgar Allan Poe

when he hits that spot like

Was there once life on Mars? #MAVEN could let us know why life seems to have left. She’ll collect data from the upper atmosphere as it’s breaking down. 

First image from MAVEN of Mars is in!

Newser experiences moment satellite MAVEN enters Mars orbit while on tour of NASA facilities in Colorado

Here are some photos from my recent trip to Colorado for the NASA Social event for MAVEN! It was amazing. Included in this set of photos are not only myself, but a photo of me and rocket scientist Nick Schneider! The last three photos are from Lockheed Martin- clean rooms, where InSight is currently being built and also where the space craft is put together. Enjoy and please share! Spread the science! More photos on my instagram!